What's Rent to Own?

"There's no place like home, your OWN home."

Our Rent To Own (RTO) program helps individuals and families who has trouble getting an approved mortgage with a good rate. You are eligible even if you have bad credit or insufficient down payment because during the RTO Program, we will:

  • Guide and provide an credit improvement action plan for you to be able to get an approved mortgage at the end of the program
  • Structure a comfortable saving plan so that at the end of the program, you will have at least a 10% down payment (depending on your situation)
  • Walk you through the complicated buying process
  • Lock down the purchase price from the beginning so that you get to keep any equity (whether natural or forced) that is greater than the agreed upon price

Why Rent to Own?

Have you been leasing since forever? Like to pay down your landlord's mortgage? If these doesn't sate your appetite, rent to own is an opportunity to turn life around and hold your home in your own hands. Apply for our rent to own program to start your journey to home ownership. Take control of your biggest investment now!

Start your journey to home ownership today!

For our program, you need to satisfy these requirements:

Income > $60k Per Year for your household

Savings > 3% of the property price you will be buying when you start the program