The Step By Step Guide

Step one: Qualifying

1. Complete our rent to own questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire which is located on the application page on the website. The questionnaire will help us understand your financial situation and requirements so that we can develop a solution that is affordable and satisfies your basic needs.

2. Initial screening

The questionnaire will be reviewed and an estimate on the monthly payment will be returned to you. We will discuss your options and continue if you are comfortable with the numbers.

3. Credit check and Action plan

After the initial screening and numbers are acceptable with both parties, we will have your credit checked and prepare a comprehensive action plan that outlines the steps required to move on to the next stage.

Step two: Purchasing

1. Shopping for your new home

Time to start doing some house shopping! A designated realtor will be assigned to help you look for the home that you want to own. Of course, the home has to be within your financial capacity.

2. Sign your new lease and option contract

After an offer is submitted, we will go through the actual monthly payment numbers and contracts!

Step three: Celebrate!

1. Time to move in!!!

Welcome to your new home! We will do a final walk through making sure that the property is received in the condition that it is promised in and congratulate you on finally having a place that you can call home!

2. Follow ups

We will follow up with you a few times a year to see how you are progressing with the credit repair and help you stay on track to the plan to your eventual ownership!

3. Purchase

4 Months prior to the end of the term, you will need to provide us with a written consent that you wish to exercise your option to purchase. Then we draft up the purchase agreements and transfer title to you!

Congratulate you because now you've officially became a homeowner!