Coaching a Go or No Go?

There’s an event that got me into real estate. An event and mentor that started my journey. Is coaching or education something you want to pay for to get where you need to be?

As someone who has done through both, learning by oneself and having a coach/mentor lead the way, the benefits are pretty obvious. It’s what you value more. If you enjoy the trial and error and grinding through your objectives with your own research, perhaps coaching isn’t meant for you. Coaching is for people who would like to avoid the hassle of figuring out everything yourself and “leveraging” other people’s experiences and knowledge with the exchange of capital/cash. Even going through any journey with a mentor, there will still be new things to experience, just that you will have someone to lean on for advice if things go south.

As they say, a smart person learns from his/her mistakes. A wise person learns from other people’s mistakes. It always helps to have someone who’s been through the deep and dirty that you will need to go through to get where you need to be.