Our Approach

As home ownership becomes harder and harder from added stress test, mortgage rule changes and the increasing prices of real estate, we at Jade Royale see the difficulties the average citizen experience when trying to buy a home to live in.

For this reason, Jade Royale focuses on alternative lending strategies for people experiencing problems with financing and at the same time, provides investment opportunities for people who are finding difficulties in increasing their investment portfolio.

We intend to provide our services to simplify and smooth out the process for you in your real estate transaction.

Our Story

Jade Royale started in London in 2016 with a mission to help people into home ownership with the lease option program (aka rent to own) because as the mortgage rules change, the average individual will find it harder to qualify for a mortgage.

Our passion is helping those who want to help themselves and are working towards their goal. Whether it be assisting in a purchase or even giving advice, we are happy to help!